Terms and Conditions of Use

I. Introduction

FreelanceForge is a digital marketplace connecting talented freelancers with clients seeking exceptional services. We empower individuals to find and engage in meaningful work, fostering collaboration and growth across diverse industries. These Terms of Service (the “Terms”) outline the legal framework governing your use of the FreelanceForge platform. By accessing or using FreelanceForge, you agree to be bound by these Terms in their entirety.

Please note: These Terms constitute a legally binding agreement. If you do not agree to any of these Terms, you are not permitted to use the FreelanceForge platform.

II. Definitions

For clarity and consistency, these key terms are defined as follows:

  • Client: An individual or entity seeking services through FreelanceForge, posting project descriptions and engaging with freelancers.
  • Freelancer: An individual offering their skills and services through FreelanceForge, creating profiles and responding to project postings.
  • Project: A specific task or service described by a Client and accepted by a Freelancer for completion through the FreelanceForge platform.
  • Fee: The compensation agreed upon by a Client and a Freelancer for the completion of a Project, including potential milestones and bonus payments.
  • Content: All information, data, text, images, video, audio, or other materials uploaded or submitted to FreelanceForge, including project descriptions, proposals, deliverables, and communication messages.

III. User Accounts

Creating a FreelanceForge account is essential to both Freelancers and Clients. Here’s what you need to know:

Account Creation:

  • Accurate Information: Provide complete and truthful information during registration, including your name, contact details, and any professional certifications. Misrepresentation may result in account termination.
  • Strong Passwords: Choose strong, unique passwords and avoid sharing them with anyone. FreelanceForge will never ask for your password directly.
  • Communication Preferences: Select your communication preferences to receive important platform updates and project-related notifications.

User Responsibilities:

  • Data Maintenance: Keep your account information up-to-date, reflecting any changes in your contact details or professional status.
  • Security: You are solely responsible for safeguarding your login credentials and account activity. Report any suspicious activity immediately.
  • Platform Conduct: Use FreelanceForge responsibly and ethically, adhering to all legal and community guidelines.

FreelanceForge reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account for violating these Terms, including:

  • Providing false or misleading information.
  • Engaging in fraudulent activity or unauthorized use of the platform.
  • Harassing, discriminating, or threatening other users.
  • Infringing on intellectual property rights.
  • Violating any applicable laws or regulations.

IV. Services Offered

FreelanceForge is a diverse marketplace with talented individuals across eight service categories:

  • Customer Support: Find experts in handling customer inquiries, providing technical assistance, and crafting engaging support experiences.
  • Mobile Developers: Hire skilled professionals to bring your mobile app ideas to life across various platforms and functionalities.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure the excellence of your products or services with meticulous testing and bug detection by experienced QA professionals.
  • Sales and Marketing: Partner with marketing specialists to craft winning campaigns, boost brand awareness, and drive conversions.
  • System Administration: Secure and maintain your IT infrastructure with the help of proficient system administrators.
  • Web & Graphic Designers: Attract your audience with visually stunning websites, logos, and marketing materials created by talented designers.
  • Web Developers: Build dynamic and user-friendly websites or web applications with the expertise of skilled web developers.
  • Writers and Content Creators: Engage your audience with compelling written content, including website copy, articles, blog posts, and more.

V. Project Posting and Acceptance

For Clients:

  • Post Your Project: Clearly describe your project scope, deliverables, timeline, and budget. Specify required skills and experience, and consider offering attachments like mockups or reference materials.
  • Set Your Budget: Choose between an hourly rate, fixed price, or milestone-based payments. Be transparent about your budget range to attract suitable candidates.
  • Review Proposals: Receive proposals from interested freelancers outlining their qualifications, approach, and estimated timeline. Carefully assess their fit for your project based on their portfolio, experience, and communication style.

For Freelancers:

  • Browse Active Projects: Search for projects matching your skills and interests. Read project descriptions thoroughly to understand requirements and client expectations.
  • Submit Personalized Proposals: Don’t send generic proposals! Highlight relevant skills, experience, and a tailored approach to demonstrate your value. Address the client’s specific needs and showcase your portfolio with impactful examples.
  • Communicate Effectively: Actively engage with clients through the platform’s secure messaging system. Ask clarifying questions, express enthusiasm, and respond promptly to maintain professionalism.

Communication Protocols:

  • Respectful and Professional: Maintain respectful and professional communication throughout the project, avoiding inflammatory language or personal attacks.
  • Timely Responses: Aim for prompt responses to messages and inquiries to foster smooth collaboration.
  • Project Updates: Keep the client informed on progress through regular updates, adhering to agreed-upon communication channels.

VI. Fees and Payments

FreelanceForge offers secure payment processing to ensure financial transparency and protection for both clients and freelancers. Here’s what you need to know:

Supported Payment Methods:

  • FreelanceForge supports a variety of secure payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank transfers. Additional options may be available depending on your location.

Platform Fees:

  • Clients: A small processing fee applies to each project payment you make through FreelanceForge. The exact fee percentage is clearly displayed during checkout.
  • Freelancers: There are no upfront fees for freelancers. However, a service fee is applied to each project payment you receive, typically ranging between 5% and 10% depending on the project value.

VII. Content Ownership and Intellectual Property

To ensure clarity and protect the creative efforts of both freelancers and clients, FreelanceForge adheres to established principles regarding content ownership and intellectual property:

Freelancer-Created Content:

  • Ownership: The freelancer retains ownership of all intellectual property rights (IP) associated with the content they create for a project, unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon in writing with the client.
  • Client Usage Rights: The client obtains a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use the delivered content for the specific purposes outlined in the project agreement. The extent of permitted usage (e.g., modifications, distribution) should be clearly defined.

Platform-Generated Content and Tools:

  • FreelanceForge IP: All content and tools developed and owned by FreelanceForge, including website design, platform functionalities, and logos, are protected by intellectual property laws.
  • Prohibited Activity: Users are prohibited from reproducing, modifying, distributing, or creating derivative works from FreelanceForge’s protected content or tools without express written permission.

VIII. Confidentiality and Privacy

FreelanceForge prioritizes the security and privacy of its users. We implement robust measures to protect your data, including:

  • Secure Data Storage: User information is stored on secure servers with industry-standard encryption protocols.
  • Limited Data Access: Access to user data is restricted to authorized personnel and only for legitimate business purposes.
  • Transparency: We provide clear and comprehensive privacy policies outlining data collection, usage, and sharing practices.

User Responsibilities:

  • Confidential Information: Treat all project details, client information, and freelancer data with strict confidentiality. Avoid sharing sensitive information outside the platform without explicit consent.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements: Consider using non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with clients or freelancers for additional protection of sensitive information related to specific projects.

IX. Disclaimer and Warranties

Disclaimer: FreelanceForge acts as a platform facilitating connections between clients and freelancers. We strive to provide a secure and reliable service, but:

  • We make no explicit or implied warranties regarding the suitability, functionality, or accuracy of the platform or any user-generated content.
  • You use the platform at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damages or losses arising from platform usage, user interactions, project outcomes, or third-party integrations.

Limitation of Liability:

  • To the extent permitted by law, our liability for any damages arising from your use of the platform is limited to the amount you paid us for using the service.
  • We are not liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages.

X. Termination of Service

FreelanceForge reserves the right to terminate your account, with or without notice, for violating these Terms of Service. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Engaging in fraudulent activity or unauthorized platform use.
  • Harassing, discriminating, or threatening other users.
  • Infringing on intellectual property rights.
  • Violating any applicable laws or regulations.

Account Termination Consequences:

  • Terminated accounts lose access to FreelanceForge functionalities, including projects, messages, and funds.
  • Ongoing projects may be disrupted or terminated depending on the specific circumstances and involvement of other users.
  • Outstanding payments may be held or released according to platform policies and any relevant legal regulations.

XI. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

Governing Law: These Terms of Service, your use of FreelanceForge, and any resulting disputes or claims will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Czech Republic, without regard to its conflict of laws provisions.

Dispute Resolution:

  • Direct Communication: Attempt to resolve the dispute directly with the other party involved. Open and honest communication often leads to mutually agreeable solutions.
  • Mediation: If direct communication fails, we encourage participation in mediation facilitated by a neutral third party to explore mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Arbitration: As a last resort, you and FreelanceForge agree to binding arbitration before a reputable arbitration organization, selected mutually or according to our pre-established process.

XII. Amendments to Terms of Service

FreelanceForge reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time. We will notify you of any changes through email or prominent display on the platform. Your continued use of FreelanceForge after such notification constitutes your acceptance of the updated Terms. For your convenience, we recommend periodically reviewing these Terms to stay informed.