Order execution

1. Orders are typically processed within 40 business hours after receiving your payment unless a different arrangement has been made.

2. Clients are eligible for a complete refund if the processing of their order doesn’t start within 40 business hours.

3. Deadlines are set before the payment is made and are FIXED, with no changes allowed afterward. If a deadline has yet to be established at the time of payment, FreelanceForge.net reserves the right to assign deadlines based on industry norms and our company policies, and clients will be informed of this via email.

4. If a client does not respond to a confirmation email within 48 hours, FreelanceForge.net will consider the order details outlined in the email as the client accepts.

5. FreelanceForge.net may keep up to 50% of the payment if a client decides to cancel an already-in-process order.

6. The completed order will be delivered to the client as previously agreed upon between the client and FreelanceForge.net.

7. The client is expected to review the completed order within 24 hours of its delivery and propose any necessary revisions. If no feedback is provided within this timeframe, the order will be considered complete and closed for further revisions unless additional changes have been separately contracted and paid for.

NOTE: If the selected specialist is momentarily unavailable to start the client’s order due to other engagements, the client is offered an option to make a partial payment to reserve the specialist’s services for a future date.