Refund policy

1. If the completion of an order is postponed beyond 40 business hours, the client is eligible for a complete refund.

2. If the client fails to acknowledge the completion of an order via email or phone within 40 business hours after making the payment, they are entitled to a full refund.

3. The client qualifies for a full refund if the order is not completed by the mutually agreed deadline for no justifiable reasons. If the client declines the extended timeline offered, they will a) receive a full refund if the delay results from actions by staff or internal systems and b) be eligible for a partial refund if external circumstances cause the delay.

4. reserves the right to keep up to 50% of the initial payment if the client cancels the order after its execution has begun.

5. The client has the right to a complete refund if they cancel the order upon engaging a specialist.