Data Policy

In line with our dedication to safeguarding customer information and upholding the privacy of our users (refer to our Privacy Policy), hereby presents the regulations and limitations concerning data collection by third parties. This encompasses all data produced by or obtained from and its users while engaging with any online platforms of Third parties seeking to gather data from’s online properties or its users (referred to as a “Data Collector”) are informed that the stipulations of the Data Policy bind them. is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our customers’ data. Detailed below are the rules and limitations of data collection by third parties. These regulations apply to all data produced by or collected from and its users during their interaction with the site. Third parties aiming to collect such data must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Data Policy.

Restrictions for External Parties

External entities not associated with are prohibited from gathering or utilizing data from visitors to or devices owned by such visitors without explicit prior written approval from This prohibition extends to but is not limited to, employing the said data for advertising targeting, retargeting, behavioral advertising, segment classification, or any syndication activities related to, its content, or its user base.

Entities affiliated with or in partnership agreements with are permitted to collect data solely as outlined in their contractual arrangements with Such data must not be used for advertising purposes without explicit written authorization. All data collection agents and their intended roles in a service or campaign must be transparently disclosed before data gathering commences. retains ultimate authority over all data collection contracts with any third parties. Unauthorized data collection efforts by third parties without clear written consent from will be met with immediate orders to halt all such activities. Non-compliance could lead to legal repercussions. Even approved third parties engaging in unauthorized activities may be instructed to stop.

Affiliated companies or partners of are restricted to data collection as defined in their agreements with No data gathering or utilization is permitted without prior written consent. The intent and agents of data collection must be made clear before approval is granted. holds exclusive rights to all agreements concerning data collection. Any third party attempting to collect data as described will be issued a cease and desist notice. Failure to adhere to this notice will invoke legal proceedings. Authorized third parties are also subject to cease and desist orders should deem it necessary.

Data Scope

The scope of data encompassed by the Data Policy extends to, but is not exclusively confined to, information gathered through any form of advertising element, widget, pixel tag, web cookie, script, or other data acquisition mechanisms.